Nov 13, 2009

Heavenly Body Scrub

I think I've just found one of the most amazing body scrubs I've ever used.

I have to confess that I didn't fall in love with it on the first whiff. My very first thought was, "Oh no, not another coconut smelling product!" It's not the coconut's fault, really. It reminded me of being on a crowded bus in an unnamed country at the height of summer (38-40C). My nose found the mix of everyone's coconut scented sun lotions and heavy perspiration offensive enough to cause dizziness... shudders... Don't get me wrong, I do like coconut smell and I love cooking with coconut oil, I'm not sure why this particularly bad experience came to my mind...

Anyway, back to the original topic. I should stop trying to judge a product by smelling it alone. Like I said, it's actually a superb product. As it turned out, in the shower it smelled more like an Asian sesame seeds dessert-soup, or like sesame ice cream pictured on the left. Just thinking about the smell makes my mouth waters... yum... :D

The scrub bits are just right: not to gentle and not too rough. I also love the texture of the liquid part of the product.

My skin felt super smooth when I came out from the shower. I'm not sure whether it's the scrubby bits or the moisturising agent (or both) that produces the effect. I do wonder if it contains sesame oil/shea butter/sunflower oil/glycerin/a bit of everything.

Why don't I have the ingredients list? Because this product is still in the development process. I'm testing a little sample of this "Heavenly Body Scrub" (that's what it says on the tester bottle) courtesy of Laura from Evolve. There, the cat is out of the bag. :)

I jumped at the chance to test the body scrub when I read the invitation on their newsletter. Mainly because I've read on their webpage that Evolve products are developed by people who were previously involved with product developments at Nude and Elemis! Most of you know that I'm a huge Elemis fan and I love Nude Cleansing Oil, so I had high hopes for Evolve. Hehehe... Suffice to say this body scrub satisfied my high expectation.

Verdict: my "potential HG body scrub" radar is blinking furiously, I can't wait for it to be on sale! I'm shamelessly in love with this product.

I haven't tried other products from Evolve yet, so I can't tell you more about them. As usual, I'm not being paid to write this post, it's purely out of interest. :D


Anna said...

Yum Yum, this sounds delicious! I love fruity, sugary scrubs rather than salty ones! And yuck, I know what you mean when you talk about that coconut scent mixed with the smell of humanity, I shudder with you! Can I request a post? Unrelated to beauty? Can you do a post on your favourite music, classical and non-classical? Pretty please? You're a star! xx

Music said...

Hey, great minds think alike, I was just thinking about doing a post on music. :D I'll see what I can do next time.

Belowen said...

This product sounds beautiful, but then I LOVE coconut scented things! :)

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