Nov 19, 2009

Mixed Heritage, Mineral Foundations, and Turning Orange

As you know it's not easy to find a perfect foundation. Especially if you have light Chinese colouring that's more pinky than yellow, thanks to a mixed-blood heritage way up in the ancestry line. To avoid repeating myself, read here if you're curious about how I turned out this way.

I found my most favourite mineral foundation (read here) when living overseas. I ran out of it, so I've been on the mission to find a decent replacement. I wanted to find something that's available locally (read: UK) so that I don't need to spend a bomb on postage cost.

After some research I ordered Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation. I bought 4 sample sizes (0.75gr each) of Blondie, In the Buff, Candy Cane, and Warm Peach. I also bought the Finishing Powder in Flawless Matte - out of curiosity and in case I need it to tone down the colour.

I've been experimenting with them for a month. So here's what I think, with the description taken from the website in italic.

1. Blondie: "A light neutral shade with balanced undertones for paler skins." This seemed to be the closest one to my skintone. Good enough but not to the point of being HG.

2. In the Buff: "A light-medium neutral shade with balanced undertones." It's supposed to be the darker version of Blondie. It's way too dark for my skin. When mixed with the Finishing Powder it's obvious that it has different tone to Blondie, slightly pinker. IMO it might suit me if I've acquired plenty of holiday tan, which is very unlikely to happen, as I'm scared of getting skin cancer from too much sun exposure.

3. Candy Cane: "A light pinkish shade with cool undertones for paler skins." To fussy me it's a tiny winy bit too pinky. The difference of the colour on my neck and my face is a little obvious, so it's not too bad for when I'm wearing turtleneck shirts.

4. Warm Peach: "A light peachy shade with warm undertones for paler skins." You know when you're wearing a foundation shade that make you look orangey? This is it. Doesn't make me look like I'm having badly-applied-tan orange, but still a little orange. For not wanting to waste it, I'm considering using it for eyelid primer. Having said that, everyone's skin is different, the shade might work perfectly for your skintone.

I guess having Oriental blood doesn't mean I have warm undertones, like what some sales assistants insisted on. I've turned orange thanks to past experience with said SAs from Shiseido, Revlon, and Dior counters. If my memory serves me right, the most orangey award goes to Diorskin medium beige. I shocked myself, I shocked hubby, and I shocked everyone else that day. Since then I refused to try anything that said "medium beige" or anything that's not "light" when foundation is concerned. Enough said.

Back to topic. Lily Lolo foundation gives light/medium coverage, so it's not for people with lots of blemishes. I have to apply many extra layers (using concealer brush) on the areas of my face that has brownish chicken pox marks from 6 months ago.

I've read reviews from people who said the foundation makes their face looked "flat". It's true. I have to use blusher (on my forehead, cheeks, and chin) when I'm using this foundation, otherwise my face looked one dimensional. Perhaps because it doesn't contain enough shimmering agent like bismuth oxychloride (which can cause itchiness on some people). I'm not an expert, but if I'm guessing putting more Mica could make it more shimmery, thus eradicating the flat-face effect.

Verdict: personally I like Blondie for everyday use. For special occasions I would stick to using non-powder foundation.

Ingredients: Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue.


Blair said...

I was so happy when I read the word tahan in your comment!!

Sweetie, where are you from? Malaysia or Singapore?

How about trying Silk Naturals? You can mix and match to your heart's content =D If I'm not mistaken, postage was quite reasonable to the UK.

Music said...

Hi Blair, I'm from neither. :D I've ordered more stuffs from other brand, waiting for them to arrive in the post.

Blair said...

Ahhh, that leaves Indonesia! I can't think of any other countries that speak Malay ;D

Anna said...

Oh no no, we can't have orange flamingos, now, can we??? You know, I haven't tried mineral foundations yet, they're not so popular here for some reason (habits die hard, I suppose!). It was great reading about your heritage (and your husband's!), I hadn't stumbled on that post yet! What about the haven't answered my (stupid!) comment yet! Have a great weekend! xx

Music said...

Blair: guilty as charged. Born & bred there, left it when I was old enough to make my own decisions. :)

Anna: you should try them and see whether you like it. Some people with dry skin don't like mineral foundation (or any kind of powder) because it tends to enhance lines. I have combo/oily skin and it suits me well. The only cons: have to touch up every now and then and doesn't give heavy coverage for special moments when you want your face to look as if it has been airbrushed! :D

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