Nov 3, 2009

It is OVER... and Other Updates

Yay, the 3 months Challenge is finally OVER on 1st November! :)

I'm quite proud with myself, passing the challenge without giving in to temptations. I didn't even need to utilize the "exception" clause, my Boots points are still intact. In the process I managed to finish up some skincare and body products. I was amazed looking at how much stuffs I've got in my stash even though I've given plenty of them away before I left Australia many months ago.

Most of my worldly possessions are still in the storage place since the move, including some new skincare and makeup products I stashed in a box. And yes, during the challenge I went to the storage twice and took some of them out to play with, which doesn't go against the principle of making use of things I already have. :)

And no, spending spree after the challenge wasn't what prevented me from blogging in the past few days. I've been feeling very tired and run down lately, having a minor cold after visiting Grandma in Cambridge. Thank you for everyone who sent their well wishes, Grandma is doing quite well considering her age. She was a little upset that she couldn't go on holiday because of the fall. You see, she tripped on her suitcase outside her apartment, right before she went on the holiday with her partially-sighted friends. Despite everything she was in very good spirit. She called her bruised face "my moustache" and had been busy making friends with 3 other ladies who are in the same ward. All the nurses and the tea lady seemed to know her by her first name even though she hasn't been in hospital for long. I'm not surprised, considering the fact that she's still very lucid and for a 91 year old she still behaves like a spring chicken - perhaps that's her secret of staying young.

So yeah, both Grandma and I are still alive and well, planning our next move in life. Hehehe...

P.S. Just to clarify that I did NOT have a spending spree after the end of the challenge. Well, not yet anyway. :D


Anna said...

So glad you're back! And I'm happy to hear your husband's Grandmother is doing ok...that was soo unlucky, tripping over her suitcases...tragic but quite funny, hope she doesn't get offended by my comment! I know what you should buy now...Sleek's new blusher in Flamingo!!!!!! xx

GlossQueen said...

Congratulations on finishing the challenge! What are you going to buy to celebrate?

I'm glad your Grandma is on the mend.

Music said...

Anna, I know what you mean. It's a bit like "humpty dumpty had a great fall". We actually joked about her wanting a nose job at 91! LOL.

Thanks, GQ, I've bought a set of new brushes. :)

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