Nov 11, 2009

Guest Reviewer: Beauty Bee and Her Many Brushes

Remember my Brush Dilemma? After I did the post, my lovely Australian friend Beauty Bee told me all about her Sigma Brushes.

Here is what she said:

"I have used my Sigma brushes for over a month now so I have had time to give them a really good workout. I will never buy MAC again after using these. They are packaged up in beautiful bags and would make a lovely gift for someone especially with Christmas on the horizon. The service from Sigma brushes is excellent and they include in each package a card telling you how to clean and care for your brushes. The card also has each brush and different ways you can use them.

- The powder brush (150) is fluffy and soft, and is a delight on the skin. This is my all time favourite powder bush.

- The large angled contour brush (168) made of goat hair is every bit as good as my MAC equivalent only much cheaper.

- The concealer brush (194) is the best concealer brush I have. I can’t compare with MAC as I don’t have a MAC one. I won’t bother buying any other brand as this one is brilliant and all I will ever want.

- Angled medium shader brush (275), I don’t really use this brush so I can’t compare. It is the same good quality as the other Sigma brushes and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

- The angled brush (266) is different to the MAC one (it is a little smaller) but I do like this brush and works well for the brows. I find being smaller allows me to get a more natural look.

- The large shader (252) I have been using this to apply my mineral powder foundation as a concealer and the results are good. I don’t have a MAC equivalent but I am more than pleased with this brush especially for the price.

- The pencil brush (219) isn’t as pointed as the MAC one and is a little fuller (more bullet shaped) I can still use it under the lower lash line and will do precise crease work.

- Tapered blending brush (224) I have a MAC one and this one is a fraction shorter in the bristles. It doesn’t have a slight point like the MAC one but I LOVE this brush better than the MAC.

- Eye shading brush (239) isn’t made of white goat hair. It is a little wider as than the MAC equivalent, it is very dense and packs the colour on as good as the MAC 239. It is more of a combination of the MAC 239 and 242 and a very very good brush.

- Duo fibre (187) I don’t have a MAC one as they are too expensive (as much as a whole set of Sigma brushes for one brush) I love it and I have seen many tutorials on You Tube and they like it better than the MAC one.

- The foundation brush (190) is a dense brush made of synthetic fibres. I really like this brush for applying cream foundations. I also like it for concealing large areas. It seems to have the right amount of flex in the bristles to give a really good application.

- Duo fibre blush brush (188) this brush is a miniature for the 187 and is every bit as good. I use this brush for blush and also for stippling my skin with a mist after applying my powder foundation to give an airbrushed finish.

- The SS209 is a fine tip synthetic brush, which is ideal for line the eye or lips. I have used it for both and it does an excellent job of both applications.
Sigma has been giving away SS217 travel size brushes as gifts with purchases. This brush is identical to my MAC 217 and every bit as good. I have asked when or if they are going to be doing it in a full length handle and they have told me that it is on the way.

Classic Brush Roll – I love the quality of this brush roll. It is very well made with plenty of pockets for all of your brushes. It holds a full set of brushes and even has extra pockets for other brushes you may like to add. It also has a flap that comes down over the brushes to protect the bristles when it is rolled up. The quality of the material that it is made from is soft and wipes down easily enough for quick and easy cleaning.

Overall: I am really impressed with these brushes and personally wouldn’t buy MAC again. They are very good quality and you aren’t paying for the name just good quality brushes. If you do decide to purchase these I am sure you will be pleased that you have a good set of makeup brushes and money still in your pocket. They are also about to release their own makeup range so it will be worth a look at their website."

Music says: I told you she has many brushes! :) Sigma's makeup range is already available online now. I haven't had the privilege of trying these brushes so I can't verify Beauty Bee's opinions. As far as I'm aware of she hasn't received any remuneration nor is she connected in anyway to Sigma.


My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, sweetie, great to have the low down on all these makeup brushes,can get soo expensive, thank-you sooo much.Please pop over tomorow and welcome my lovely guest blogger.New guest bloggers over @ My Passport to Style everyday till Friday!!! Sharon xxxooo

GlossQueen said...

Great review Beauty Bee, now I want some Sigma brushes!

Blair said...

I want to try these brushes from Sigma too!

Am I a big meanie if I tell you that I just had black pepper crab for lunch? ;D

Anna said...

I keep hearing or rather reading about Sigma brushes, and this review is making me even more curious! I have to say though that I already have a few brushes (mixed brands) so I probably don't need to buy more! Hey, your EcoTools post has disappeared...did you post it by mistake?? Hugs, Anna xx

Music said...

Blair, I want some! Hik... hik...

Oh dear, something must be wrong with blogger, my EcoTools post disappeared?!

Music said...

Ah, found it. The silly Blogger changed the date! Am I the only one having lots of problem with Blogger recently?!

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