Nov 15, 2009

I Want Sally Lunn's Buns!

The cold and windy weather makes me want to eat Sally Lunn's Buns. They're sold at Sally Lunn's (where else?!) in Bath, Somerset. Apparently the place is the oldest house in Bath. I've been there twice, I like mine toasted with rum butter. Yum...

Click here for the history of "the original Bath Bun".

What do you feel like eating right now?


Marce said...

They sound delicious! At the moment, I'm craving chocolate like, alot!

Anna said...

I think I can smell the from here, especially with the brandy butter, yum yum! Since my departure date for London is getting closer and closer I'm definitely salivating thinking about crumpets, scones and proper English muffins...I can't wait!! We have nothing like that here, I mean, we have plenty of other stuff, but no one beats the Brits as far as comforting treats go! xx
PS: Italy is waiting for you!!

Anna said...

Did I really write brandy butter?? The alcohol was getting to my head! I meant rum butter of course! :P xx

Music said...

@Marce: now I also want some chocolates. Your fault. LOL.

@Anna: I would swap crumpets with gelato and PROPER Italian pizza. O Del Mia Dolce Ador... that's me singing! :D Pity my Italian trip photographs are in the storage, otherwise I would post pictures of the beautiful Como & surroundings. I was there when they made THAT Star Wars movie!

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