Nov 21, 2009

Fowey, Cornwall

I'm fond of nook and crannies, so I especially love the first two photos. If I remember it correctly, that particular building has it's own ghost story. For that matter, everything in Fowey seemed to have a ghost story or two attached to it. I'm not fond of scary things, so I didn't make an effort to remember them. I love my sleep, I don't like nightmares!

More photos and a funny story to come. Please bear with me, I'm still trying to figure out how to use the new netbook hubby bought me - so we don't have to fight over computer time. We only have one broadband dongle though, so I can still see some fighting going on in the next few days, especially seeing most of my stuffs are still in his laptop. So yeah, please let me know if the post comes out wonky or anything like that. Thanks! :D


Rosie said...

What amazing buildings!

Selina said...

Gorgeous pics :-) I can't help myself, every time I hear the word 'dongle' I do a total Beavis and Butthead snigger. "You said dongle, *snigger*!"

Music said...

@Rosie: you should visit sometime! :)

@Selina: yeah, after I typed the word I realized some people might think of different things. LOL.

If it comes in pink said...

Cute buildings:)

Music said...

@IICIP: there were MORE cute buildings, pity we didn't spend enough time there. I'll tell you why in the next post. :D

Kat_RN said...

Great photos, I don't think I have been to Fawey. I will have to stop back by for the funny story. Lovely blog.

Anna said...

I love English villages and Cornwall must be amazing, I've never been as far as I know (perhaps when I was tiny?) but it's definitely on my list of to-go places. I love the British seaside, as strange as that may sound (excluding Blackpool...)!! xx

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