Jun 6, 2009

One Year Long Chicken Pox and Remedies I Tried

(One year long chicken pox: started before my birthday and would definitely last longer than tomorrow.)

Since my last post I've had a full blown chicken pox. Not a nice thing to get when you're an adult. It's not so much the itchiness, I found the stabbing pain was almost unbearable. I was tossing and turning trying to find a good position to (try) to sleep. Thank God for strong painkillers from the sympathetic hospital doctor! :) Now that the worst is over, I can tell you which common remedy works for me and which didn't.

I can tell you that I only used the Aqueous Calamine Lotion ONCE, when the bumps started to come up, and I find that it did nothing. It didn't cool down my skin whatsoever. I didn't like the sticky texture either (due to the petroleum content). Well, the doctor at the hospital said that calamine lotion won't help. There you go, the truth straight from the horse's mouth.

My favourite remedy: Prickly Heat Powder (see my previous review here) - I'm so glad I took this with me in my suitcase. The mintyness helped me to cope with the itching MUCH better. It helped me to stay dry when I was feverish (39C!). The downside: by day 5 I was fed up with the smell and the way the powder "flew" in the air, I thought I wouldn't want to use it ever again. Though I probably would, some time in the future...

Other useful things: rubber bands to tie up my fringe and my long hair so that I don't break the bumps accidentally, eating tinned grass jelly to cool down the body (thanks to hubby for going round to find an Asian supermarket that sells it).

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