Jun 18, 2009


In the first week of having chicken pox as I felt too sick and weak to wash my hair properly. So I sent hubby out to get a dry shampoo. He went to Boots and bought Toni & Guy Refreshing Dry Shampoo.

It delivered what it said: "refreshes your style and boosts volume for a fresh, clean look." Though I'm not very keen on the scent.

What was very disappointing was the fact that I've only used it twice (about 4 sprays altogether) when I noticed that the canister has turned very light and empty!

In my opinion a 200ml canister should last longer than that... I've used some T&G hair products to great satisfaction in the past. I've even recommended them to friends when the products were launched in Australia when I lived there. Sadly this time the dry shampoo has failed my expectation. Even hubby was upset as he thought he had bought me an expensive dodgy product.

Personally I can't justify paying £5.27 for a product that's only good for two use/four spray only.

I wrote an email to the customer service department of T&G, attaching the code I found at the bottom of the canister for their info, saying that as a loyal customer I hope this is just a one off case.

Here's the reply I received from someone at their head office:
Dear Music,
Thank you for your email.

I was sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our product and would like to apologise for your disappointment. Please note that this would need to be returned to the place of purchase as we do not handle product enquiries or complaints from this office.

I hope that this information has been helpful and am sorry I could not have been of more assistance."

Not good enough in my opinion. Firstly, we were already 80-100 miles away from Gloucester when we realized that we had a dud product. Obviously we don't want to drive back all the way there just to get a refund. Secondly, I could always try returning it to other Boots store. However, there's no guarantee that we would be given a refund at it has been a couple of weeks since hubby bought it. He can't be bothered going through all the hassle. Thirdly, it would have been nice if T&G were to pass my email on to their special division who perhaps could figure out whether the dodgy product I got came from a faulty batch.

As mentioned above, I used to be a big fan of T&G products. I also used to pay an exorbitant amount of money to have my hair cut by the style director (or whatever they call their top hairdresser). I'm afraid this experience has put me off everything T&G.

Verdict: Sadly I won't be their loyal customer anymore.

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GlossQueen said...

That's terrible customer service!

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