Jun 9, 2009

kit cosmetics Big Bang Nail Polish

I like to paint my nails, especially when I'm stressed.

My face is still sore and look pinkish due to the chicken pox, so I'm definitely in need of a "mood booster" today.

kit's Big Bang Nail Polish is going to adorn my toes today. It's one of the acid brights shades available at kitcosmetics. I got this when I was living in Perth, Australia.

The Big Bang is the vivid purple shade pictured on the first bottle from the left in the picture. The colour is muted/chalky, with a bit of shine, if it makes sense.

I've worn this a couple of times before, so I know that the nail polish is long-lasting and loud enough to notice without being OTT. Though I find that one thin coat isn't enough to produce an evenly coloured nail, I have to apply a thicker coat if I want to avoid patchy looking nails.

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