Jun 11, 2009

Manicare Crystal Nail File

One of the best things I've ever bought is Manicare Crystal Nail File.

The blurbs:
- High quality, long lasting crystal nail file, made from toughened hand cut crystal glass
- Ideal for natural and artificial nails
- Beautifully smoothes and shapes, giving superior finish
- Regular use will prevent nails from splitting and peeling
- The product comes with an unconditional quality guarantee

It's so good I won't even consider using other types of nail files now. It really smoothes and shapes my nails effortlessly, without causing any splits. It's also very easy to clean: I give it a quick rinse under warm water after use.

I love the velvet-feel cover and the crystal blue colour. It really brings out the "nail snob" in me. :)

Verdict: beware, once you try it you'll be hooked and addicted to it!


Anonymous said...

I had a beautiful purple one that my mother got from the jewellers. My two year old got hold of it and dropped it on the tiles, and that was the end of that! Nothing is sacred around my place. I stick to paper emery boards now. I might go back to these when all my kids have grown up!

Music said...

Oh no! Perhaps when she's old enough she should get you one for Mother's Day next time. :)

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