Jan 1, 2009

Musical Rainbow

First entry, first day, first time blogging. Is it 1st of January yet? Nope.

Of all days I choose 31 Dec, the end of the year, as the day to start putting my thoughts into cyber paper. So here I am typing away on the keyboard. Not quite the same as moving my pretty paws on the piano or the organ, but pretty close. The difference is I'm not producing any music in your ears. I'm producing music for thoughts instead, or that's what I'm hoping to do.

Many years ago someone accused me of contracting a case of verbal diarrhoea. Hmm… not quite, I think… Though I have to admit there are times I have too many things on my brunette head that can't wait to be given a lease of life outside my brains.

As I reflect back to the years that have been, I can see that my life has been nothing but boring. Call it full of a rainbow of experience if you must.

As of today I have visited 14 countries and have lived in 5 countries around the world. Nothing much compared to a retired couple I know who have visited more than 150 countries. I didn't even realise there are that many countries in the world before I met them! My google search shows that depending on your source, there are between 189 to over 245 countries in the world. Mind blowing data. Based on that I've only travelled to 5-7% of the total. Very humbling indeed.

I digress. Back to my life. I have many interests. My cyber name "Music" isn't a reflection of my number one passion. I love cats, reading, eating, trying out new things, playing Chuzzle Deluxe, collecting perfumes and other nice smelling things, and there are numerous other subjects that I intend to write about in the future.

If you like my musings so far, do include my blog in your Favourite folder and stay in tune.

Today is the 7th day of Christmas, so I would like to end by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

Yay!...Happy New Year Everyone!...great start to the year too Music!...and Yay to me for posting first!...can't wait for more inspiring writings!...Being well travelled I'm sure there is lots of tales to be told!xxx

Princesss75 said...

cute blog music.
i look forward to your upcoming articles.

jayne said...

Well hello there and Happy New Year!! Hope the fantabulousness of your new blog is indicative of a fabulous year.
I would love to read some stories about your travels, I'm sure you have loads. I have been to four other countries and lived in two, so poorly travelled really!!

Goldenbutterfly said...

Cute blog Music!! Love it!

apricot3 said...

Happy New Year my lovely friends - I am looking forward to reading more of your stories music, so interesting to hear about other people's lives and experiences...Good work, and I promise Ill keep the language clean and the innuendos tame.

Anonymous said...

happy new year music :) great new blog. I look forward to hearing more about your world adventures :)

elmo said...

Happy new year music and everyone else! Yay for your first article - love it - I'm so, so jealous of that couple? That's an amazing achievement - I hope to get to at least half of that one day! So far I've visited I think 9 countries? :)

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