Jan 5, 2009

Mie Pizza

mie = noodles (Indonesian)
pizza = well, you know, PIZZA! Hehehehe...

Strictly speaking it's not really a pizza, it's more like an Asian style fritata. I have no idea why the dish doesn't reflect the name.

It's a lazily clever way of making a quick meal in a hot summer day.

- Unhealthy option: use a packet of Indomie Mie Goreng, any flavour will do. I'm partial to the Sate/Satay flavour.
- Healthy option: use pasta
- 1 large egg

1. Cook the noodles/pasta.
2. Add the flavouring packets/mix Italian herbs to the egg, beat well.
2. Put the noodles/pasta in a microwave safe bowl. Pour egg mixture on top.
3. Microwave for 2 mins. (or until half-cooked).
4. Turn over and do another 2 mins. (or until both sides are cooked and the noodles look dry)
5. Serve with tomato sauce and mayonnaise. (Japanese mayo is the best!)

For an even healthier option: add cooked mix vegetables and sliced mushrooms before step 2.

For a restaurant look: add chopped parsley on top of Mie Pizza, with salad leaves and cherry tomatoes on the side.

There. Easy peasy.

Yeah, not quite Italian. Hehehe... Still, I thought I should get it out of my system sooner than later, while I'm hunting for my notes, photos, and postcards from my trip to Italy to refresh my memory.

I also have to mention that I went there while their currency was still Lira, during northern hemisphere's summer 2000.

P.S. Last night I played a quick game of Chuzzle. Lo and behold, I managed to zoom passed hubby's highest score. The computer must have felt guilty for making me scoffed the Chocolate Orange... Peace offering accepted. Therefore I'm declaring myself as the Queen of Chuzzle's TWO kingdoms! Classically Speedy... or is it Speedily Classic? Hm... Woohoo anyway.... (hubby said, "It's just a game..." No way he would have said that if he was the overall winner!)


GlossQueen said...

Oh, that sounds so yummy Music, I'm going to try it.
Glad to hear that the computer is behaving itself now :)

Anonymous said...

The pizza sounds fab!...I'll have have a go at making this!...My son loves Mie Goreng noodles (I call them "Me Gorging noodles"...LOL)the sauce packet has a very out of the ordinary smell to them. I always know when he is cooking them.

Music said...

LOL, Gem! My hubby is another Mie Goreng monster. Back in UK he used to buy the noodles by the box as a treat as it was very expensive there. :)

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