Jan 29, 2009

Therapeutics Massager

Hubby has been wanting to buy a massager since he saw product demonstrations when we were in Singapore last year. Like other men he likes gadgets and love clever new things. Originally he wanted a hand-held device, but I wasn't keen on those as I find the vibrations annoying.

Last Saturday we ended up buying a mattress-style massager as a CNY gift from us to us.

Therapeutics Quilted Massager With Heat
Sunbeam, VB6500

Full body massager with heat to ease aches and pains.

Soft, quilted design with in built pillow for total relaxation.

4 separate massage zones: neck & shoulders, back, thighs, and calves. 2 settings/zone: normal and more intense massage.

The attached remote control helps me to target specific area of my body at the touch of a button. I especially love the heat setting for the lower back, I find it very relaxing and comforting. The only thing that I still don't like is the neck & shoulders bit. Somehow it doesn't do it for me. The rest are wonderfully fabulous.

Hubby loves everything, as expected. :)

It's best used on top of settee or bed as it creates more noise when being used on the floor.

The instruction book says not to use it more than 20 mins. Which is more than enough in my opinion.

Verdict: Very Musical (= highly recommended)

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