Jan 3, 2009

Three C's

= Chocolate, Computer, Chuzzle

The Chocolate Orange is gone!!! I'm eating the last piece not long before typing this.

Opened the chocolate yesterday evening as I was feeling very stressed out when the computer game cheated on me and let hubby took the top spot on the high scorer board! Obviously the computer was on hubby's side, it kept on cheating on me, blocking my every move. Despite my efforts I couldn't beat hubby's score, my scores weren't even remotely close to his!!! Shame on you, computer, for being a traitor! Oh, the betrayal... the frustration... the distress...

So I HAD TO turn to the Chocolate Orange as my feel good booster... Hubby and I shared the chocolate equally, with me being the one who kept on pigging out on my share (due to the stress mentioned above).

As of this moment I'm declaring war with the computer, for letting hubby retaining his reign on Speed Chuzzle!

There are two modes on Chuzzle Deluxe: Speed and Classic. For the record I'm still the Queen of Classic Chuzzle. Hehehe...

Conclusion: computer upsets me, chocolate consoles me.
Back to Italy for my next post...


GlossQueen said...

hehe, nasty computer. It must be a man, that's why it was cheating! Maybe you can bribe it with food so that it doesn't cheat again.

trishiekoh said...

Hey, I'm pink sparkles from BH, just saying hi! I love italy, look forward to hearing about your adventures in italy!

Music said...

Hi Pink Sparkles! Good to see you! :)

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