Jan 2, 2009

Belleza Eterna

= "Eternal Beauty" (Italian).

Leaning Tower of Pisa, pizza for lunch,
Brown murky water of Venice, yummy tiramisu for dessert,
Calming blue-green Bay of Naples, bottled water for drinking,
Dusty streets in Rome, dusky evenings in Como,
Leather goods in Florence, intricate glass blowing in Murano,
Posh boutiques and pigeon poos (yup!) in Milan...

Travelling in Italy was like travelling through the passage of time, re-living the pages of the history books and remembering important events from music history lectures. Each city or town has it's own identity to the extent that moving from place to place felt like moving through different countries.

My eyes were opened wide to the wonders of arts, the delicious simplicity of local Italian food, the beauty of the sceneries and historical buildings. Coupled with having an American girl as a roommate and meeting a strange Italian man (tall, blue-eyed, fair-skinned), it was an experience to remember.

Over the next few days (or weeks!) I'm going to share snippets of that trip. Even the act of remembering the places alone brought a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. One word to describe it: Bellissimo (= very beautiful)!


GlossQueen said...

Great blog Music! After reading this post I want some tiramisu :)

Anonymous said...

I so want to travel through Europe one of these days! I've heard you haven't tried good pizza until you visit Italy :)

elmo said...

Ohhh I love Italy! Got to go there on a study tour while at school - unfortunately being 16 at the time, I can't say I fully appreciated it - can't wait to go back! It's my parent's fave country - now they're retired and living life to the full, mostly free of work, they go there twice a year! I'm sooo jealous!!

Music said...

GQ, ask TF to buy you tiramisu made by Italian chef, to die for...

BO, the pizza was fantastic! Definitely worth the fame. I've never tasted anything as good since.

Elmo, your parents have very good taste as Italy is one of my faves, too! Hehehehe... I would LOVE to go back there in the future.

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