Jan 23, 2009

Prickly Heat Powder

This made in Thailand powder is an essential product in our household. Many years ago we stumbled upon this powder in an Indian shop in Singapore, so it's an exotic enough find to make it to this week's article. It also has menthol, in line with my current minty theme. Hehehe...

It's the only product that helps soothe heat rashes and itching that comes from over-exposure to the sun during holidays. The powder also helps to cool us down during hot summer days.

Prickly Heat Powder comes in 4 varieties: Classic, Lavender, Herbal, and one with Anti-Bacteria agent. The scents come from natural essential oils. We stick to the Classic version as hubby refuses to smell "girly". Typical.

Verdict: Very musical (= highly recommended)

Menthol, camphor, triclocarban, perfume, kaolin, talc.

It's quite difficult to find them here in Australia. I've seen Asian supermarkets stocking them. It's worth the hunt though, I haven't found anything that could replace it.

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trishiekoh said...

Oh my! I used them so much when I was living in Singapore, though i didn't know there were 4 varieties. i always used the classic one. This reminds me- must restock on my next trip back...thanks for the post!

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